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Get an opportunity to reach our listeners through a mention of your initiative or company at the beginning of each episode that you partner up as sponsor. You will provide your company or organizations name and tagline to be read at the beginning of each episode you’re sponsoring and at the end. You will also have your website and social media links added to the podcast notes that are associated to the episode you have sponsored.

Sponsorship benefits includes:

  • Mention at the beginning/end of an episode you have sponsored
  • Promote your book, products or services
  • Social media links and website added to the episode
  • Your brand’s visibility on our social media platforms

Special Offer (Optional):

Sponsored Content. If we think you or your organization’s mission is a good fit for our audience, we’ll first work with you to choose an appropriate episode topic, then focus that entire episode around your brand’s story and mission, featuring an interview with someone from your team and sharing your insights value, and accomplishments. Finally, we direct listeners to where they can learn more about your innovative work.